Looking forward to a rare night out

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It’s almost time for my annual night out.

I jest, of course, but anyone with young children will know the feeling of getting an evening off.

Yes, we love our offspring, but a few hours devoid of the responsibility that goes with looking after them is always welcome.

And this Saturday is one such occasion as my wife and I head for the Falkirk Town Hall and the Bohemians’ production of ‘Boogie Nights’.

I was only a few weeks into the job when I was first invited to see the talented group perform and their shows have been an almost permanent fixture in my diary ever since.

Only when I was stuck in a hospital bed did we miss a performance and we even managed to negotiate with my in-laws to look after Calum when he was barely two weeks old so we could attend.

On that occasion we had to rush back lest the milk supplies ran out but, on this occasion, there will be no such problems and an overnight stay at his grandma’s will let us off the leash for a while.

So a meal out and a few drinks will be enjoyed before we take in the show.

And, judging by my colleagues review in the paper this week, we’re in for another treat.

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