Looking back to look forward to what 2016 holds

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

With 2015 now come to an end, I felt it was necessary (as I do most years) to look back on what the past 12 months had to offer.

Lots of remarkable things happened in the world that will probably mark an important point in the history books forever.

Terrorism has reared its ugly head once too often this year – Paris became the forefront of international news after the attacks which happened throughout the year there. It was important that the issue of terrorism was confronted head on, and it was – the world has spelled out “we are not afraid”.

Although I think the decision to bomb Syria was completely inhumane and downright wrong, I believe only time will tell if it’s going to have a positive or negative effect on battling this ongoing problem.

Scotland’s cultural diversity thrived this year, as we opened our arms to the refugees fleeing their war-torn home countries. Despite the fact that were reservations about accepting people into the country without knowing anything about them, it is clear that the people of Scotland have proved themselves to be some of the most humble, caring and accepting citizens of any country in the world. This year, I became truly proud to be Scottish.

The UK formed it’s first Conservative government since John Major’s reign ended in 1997, with Labour bombing out of any sort of power and the SNP sweeping most of the Scottish seats.

And as for me? Well – I learned to drive, graduated from school, passed all my exams, got a proper job, survived T in the Park and Magaluf, turned 18, landed a place at my dream university, gained some best friends, dreamt, lived, laughed and loved more often than not.

This was the year that I grew from a teenager to a woman.