Looking back on the Royal couple’s first year

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Last week, I watched ‘Wills and Kate: A Year On’.

It was sort of one of those pointless programmes in the respect that absolutely every image and piece of information had been seen or heard a million times before.

Everyone I know watched the wedding last April, and, in the 12 months that followed, you could not open a paper or read the news without finding out every detail available about the young couple’s life,

So, when the hour-long documentary was aired near the first Royal anniversary, you knew exactly what you were going to see.

But that didn’t stop me watching it - in fact I recorded it.

I suppose I was a little bit interested to discover how much of it would be dominated by how almost perfect Kate Middleton is.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the girl, although I do feel a certain amount of sympathy for her.

The programme, although about the first year of royal marriage, was really about Kate and how she appears to be taking the whole thing in her stride.

On the wedding day, I cried an unexpected tear as she walked up the aisle, and even “celebrated” with some friends who were having a BBQ round the corner.

But who would have thought how this couple - or rather this young woman - would win the respect of even the deepest cynics, never mind anti-royalists?

She’s an all-rounder who appeals to so many.

And although no one likes the idea of drawing parallels with Diana, it’s really, really difficult not to.

Had I been watching ‘Charles and Diana: A Year On’ in 1982, would it not have been pretty much the same?

It would have consisted of a review of the biggest wedding of the century, a famous kiss on the palace balcony, followed by a fascination for the new young princess, followed then by a well-trained and pretty young girl coming into her own in a royal role.

And surely, no one watching that 1982 version could have imagined how it had all ended up.

Or could they?

I did shed a tear last week, as I usually do when I see two people who really do adore each other.

Kate and Wills do seem to be completely happy and it looks like they are loving being together, even if they are accompanied by the world’s press.

However, I can’t remember shedding a tear in 1981 on the big day.

It was all a bit stiff really, and I doubt I wasn’t the only one to sense a teeny tiny bit of stand-offish behaviour from the groom, hidden behind a stiff upper lip.

And I think I’ll cry again when I watch, from my rocking chair, ‘Wills and Kate: 50 Years On’.

No pressure guys, and obviously god willing as I’ll be 100 years old.

Anyway, is it really a surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge is all but perfect - her name is Kate after all.