Listen to the body don’t ignore pain playing sport

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December 27, 2015 that was the last time I kicked a ball in anger. That was until this week when I played my first game of fives football in over 18 months.

It was a welcomed return after a lengthy spell on the sidelines. It was great just to run about again and have a kickabout with friends and of course there is no better feeling of scoring a goal – no matter what level you are playing at.

All those thoughts had to be put to one side when I picked up what I thought at the time was a relatively innocuous injury. Overstretching on the volley I felt as if I had pulled a muscle at the top of my groin, an attempt at striking a ball from distance after confirmed my initial thoughts.

I stopped playing and rested up for a month. I returned to playing sevens and everything seemed fine. But then I woke up the next morning and was in quite a bit of pain on the inside of my leg. It was a niggling pain that frustratingly wouldn’t go away.

I decided to carry on playing fives over the next month thinking that it was maybe just tightness and I could run it off. But every time I tried to sprint, or kick a ball I felt a sharp shooting pain at the top of my leg. Coupled with abdominal work in the gym and it wasn’t a good mixture.

Eventually I went to see the physio and was told I had osteitis pubis – inflammation of the pubis symphysis. I’d never heard of it but it was then I learned that it can take at least six months to resolve and was told to do various exercises to help strengthen it.

For me it has taken a lot longer nearly two years – never did I expect to be out for that length of time when I was attempting to kick through the pain barrier. Even 48 hours after playing I still feel a bit of pain in the area.

I’m hoping it won’t be another spell out but I certainly won’t be rushing back too quickly this time around.