Limited time when it comes to buying a new home

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My mum’s stay at Chez Hume – as exclusively revealed last week – is proving a rich source of material for this column.

Chief among this week’s stories concerned the complicated process of buying a new house.

During her search, my mum has had to deal with numerous estate agents and, as she’s not been looking in the Herald’s patch, it’s safe for me to say some have been more helpful than others.

With the money from the sale of her previous house already tucked away in the bank, you’d think she’d be an attractive proposition for those looking to offload a property from their books.

Not so it would seem.

Several haven’t even bothered with a follow-up phone call after a viewing, but most bizarre was the saleswoman reluctant to arrange a second visit because the first one had been extended.

Seemingly 20 minutes is how long they reckoned it should take to decide to make the biggest purchase of her life.

Twenty minutes! Most women take far longer than that to buy a pair of shoes, never mind a house,

Thankfully the search is over and attention has turned to furniture, for which I’ve discovered there’s no time limit.