Light up ... but only when it’s dark

Stuart Barber
Stuart Barber

I don’t know if driving in broad daylight with headlights and foglights blazing were included in the list of annoying pet hates drivers identified in a recent survey, but the practice would be near the top of mine.

Back in the day it was only the owners of the ultra-safe Volvo who were able to announce their presence on the road in such an illuminating way - and it was not their fault.

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Being the former proud owner of a 244 saloon I know the corner lights switched on as soon as you keyed the ignition and there was nothing you could do about it.

In the dark mornings or evenings they were a blessing, but, yes, in decent weather when running lights were obviously not required, this feature did attract the attention of passing motorists who would ‘flash’ the fact you were tooting along with your lights on.

Fast forward to today and is it only me who is being dazzled and puzzled by the fact so many motors apparently now have the same ability?

Drivers are reaching for the light switch on their respective dashboards regardless of the conditions - and ignoring the fact they could be breaking the law. This week I had a white van man behind the wheel of the most popular transit in the world bearing down on my rear bumper with headlights and fog-lights blazing. Within a few hundred yards an identical vehicle passed me going in the opposite direction with not one piece of candlepower operating.

To be fair it is not only van drivers who are guilty of associating starting up with lighting up when there is no need. Owners of the most popular makes of Ford, Vauxhall, Renault and Peugeot, for example, should also know better.