Life’s not as easy as it might seem for the ‘other’ Kate

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Well my namesake has certainly been making the headlines this week.

But while the majority of men are shaking their heads and wondering why, to quote them not me, “a little bit of sickness means a hospital stay”, I’m sure women everywhere, particularly those who have been through the agonies of morning sickness, will have nothing but sympathy for Royal Kate.

The poor soul – imagine feeling absolutely awful and knowing the eyes of the world are all on you!

This young woman has coped remarkably well in the last couple of years after being thrust into the limelight. While it might seem a wonderful life, I’m sure if we were honest, most of us wouldn’t like to be in the proverbial goldfish bowl every moment of our 

Now what should be one of the most exciting times in her life has got off to a horrible start.

And let’s not forget the worry for her and William in these early days. Most people don’t want to announce they are expecting the patter of tiny feet until the 12 week stage when the likelihood of anything going wrong has diminished considerably. But this young couple have been forced to tell all – to the world – very early on.

It’s going to be a long nine months, not just for them, but for the rest of us. The day after the announcement it was on the front page of every newspaper, one even devoting a ridiculous 13 pages to the news.

Speculation about names/godparents/nannies and even nursery furniture abound, but at this stage, are we really interested? Unless you are affected directly, and I speak as a very devoted granny of one with another on the way, do we really want or need that much information.

I’m sure the priority for William and Kate, plus their immediate families, royal and otherwise, is for the mum-to-be to have a trouble-free pregnancy. Unfortunately, it’s not got off to the best start but fingers crossed she recovers quickly and blooms for the rest of the time.

What she will have discovered since arriving at hospital on Monday is that when you are pregnant you leave your dignity at the front door. Doesn’t matter if you are a royal or commoner, the procedures will all be the same, although for Kate, the surroundings are probably a bit more luxurious than most experience.

I really felt for William when I saw the photographs him leaving the London hospital on Monday night, he looked so worried. But I really feel someone should have a wee word with him about the amount of time he is spending at his wife’s bedside.

He might think that six hours at a stretch holding her hand is providing support, but perhaps someone should tell him that if she is throwing up constantly into one of those little cardboard bowls, she probably just wants a bit of peace!

Get well soon Kate.