Life changing donations

Newspapers come in for their fair share of criticism and, in some cases, such as phone-hacking it is deserved, but in others it is unwarranted.

Wednesday, 21st December 2016, 9:34 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:11 pm

We’re an easy target and although social media has become a tool regularly used by journalists it also makes it very easy for the man and woman in the street to condemn without full knowledge of the facts.

But for all the things that some people want to criticise us for there is far more we do that deserve plaudits.

Our aim at The Falkirk Herald remains the same as when it was first launched in 1845 – to provide factually accurate reports of what is going on in our communities, whether it be at the town hall or the corner of your street.

Over the years we’ve highlighted changes that affect us all whether it be tax rises or motoring legislation, good luck stories and sadly, more than we would like, bad luck stories.

This week there are 88 pages packed with what’s happening across the district.

However, two stories in particular stand out.

The heart-warming case of Rory Wilson who two years ago was a very sick teenager and now, thanks to organ donation, has a new liver. He is looking forward to taking part in the World Transplant Games next year.

We also highlight the support being given to Falkirk Foodbank by companies and individuals and our campaign for people to give generously.

Two very different types of donation but both can make a huge difference to