Letting shambles has left me doubting my beliefs

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I LIKE to think I’m a pretty tolerant and caring individual who sees things from both sides and gives people the benefit of the doubt.

I treat people how I expect to be treated and always try to do the right thing, not just for myself, and be as honest as possible.

However, I’m really starting to wonder if having morals and a conscience is the right way to be in this day and age of self preservation.

I bumped into a dear couple I’ve known for years but hadn’t seen for months at a friend’s soiree and we immediately picked up where we left off having lots of laughs together.

That all changed when I asked if they still had their wee flat on the west coast. “Oh, don’t ask, don’t get me started,” said my good pal.

Obviously when some-one says that your nose gets the better of you and you do ask, you do get them started.

My friends bought the property in question during their early careers in the Navy and have let it out since the early 1990s without a problem until early this 

The agency which used to let the place for them folded, so they had to choose another and, after solid assurances, eventually chose a complete cowboy outfit to look after their investment.

The company then leased it to a couple with three children, which Jenny and Brian were quite happy about. They didn’t want young party people in there. But they would maybe have preferred that after the trouble they’ve had.

Apparently the parents have alcohol problems and weren’t paying their rent, even though they were receiving housing benefits. After a patient couple of months of non-payment Brian demanded to know from the letting agent what was happening and was fobbed off with a myriad of excuses.

After another couple of months he decided to pay the couple a visit to speak to them. When he went into the house the place was absolutely wrecked and filthy.

He asked why they weren’t paying the rent and was told that the couple had reported repairs that needed done to the letting agent who ignored them, so they just decided they weren’t paying any more.

Whether that’s true or not is besides the point when it comes to respecting other people’s property, so Brian told them if they weren’t paying then they would have to leave.

The tenants told him they weren’t budging and that he’d have to evict them, which is now going to cost my friends thousands in legal fees and more to re-decorate. The letting agent is saying ‘Oh, there’s nothing we can do’ and is basically washing their hands of the situation, taking no responsibility whatsoever.

It makes my blood boil. A decent, honest hard working couple being taken to the cleaners as well as three children living in squalor. It’s hard to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes.