Letter from the editor: Youngsters who are giving back

Alicia Stewart Warner
Alicia Stewart Warner

Like any job this role has its highs and lows. Thankfully, the good times far outweigh the bad and one of the best parts is all the interesting people you get to meet.

Young and old, and from all walks of life each has a story to tell and it is always a privilege to help spread their message.

This week I was in the company of some inspirational young people – and a veteran politician who, whatever your politics, you have to agree always worked hard for his constituents.

The Dennis Canavan Scholarship was set up by Falkirk Council following the former MP and MSP’s retirement from the political frenzy.

Since 2007 it has made awards to young people from this area who are 
going on to further 
education to help with their studies. However, there is a criteria that they must be giving something back to their community.

The 13 youngsters who were nominated for this year’s scholarship certainly were perfect examples of those who were determined to help others.

And all this while continuing with their own studies.

Each had played – and in many cases continued to play a part in their community. Whether it be helping coach younger pupils in English, maths or sports, volunteering in hospitals and our hospice or looking after family members, they all gave of their time and 
talents selflessly.

However, there can only be one winner and this year it was Alicia Stewart 
Warner (17) from Shieldhill

But as Dennis Canavan said on the night, every one of those nominated was “a credit to themselves, their families and their schools”.