Letter from the Editor: Uncovering a litter mountain

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Regular readers of this column will be aware of my pre-Christmas commitment to get back on my bike and the mishaps I’ve suffered along the way.

The latest news is that the bicycle is now undergoing overhaul and I await the result with the same trepidation as when my car is in for an MOT.

Anyway, devoid of that mode of transport, I’ve been employing Shanks’ pony to get some exercise.

It’s been a real pleasure to explore some of the paths and trails close to home and praise must go to the Communities Along the Carron Association (CATCA) for all their efforts in clearing many of the routes I’ve followed.

Of course, these days the trees are bereft of leaves and the hedgerows are not as bushy as they would be during the summer months.

As well as reducing the amount of greenery on view this also, unfortunately, exposes a mountain of rubbish that has been left behind by thoughtless walkers.

Volunteers - such as those from CATCA - have worked tirelessly to make these paths accessible to all but they can only do so much so it’s up to those who take adavantage of the walks to take on some responsibility.

Okay, so there’s not may bins in evidence but how hard is it to keep hold of your rubbish and dispose of it when you get home?

Previously, I’ve pointed the finger at dog walkers but, to be fair, there’s not much of that sort of mess in evidence.

It’s time we all got our act together before our these vital community assets are ruined and the volunteers are forced to walk away.