Letter from the editor: Twitter spat is playground act

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I had hoped for a positive start to 2018, but sadly, and not unexpectedly that man across the Atlantic quickly put paid to that.

If ever there was anything as infantile as two grown men claiming “mine is bigger than yours” than it was Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s spat on Twitter.

But while it may seem laughable, the really concerning point is that what they are talking about in their social media posts is their respective countries nuclear arsenals – and the buttons on their desks that could launch those weapons.

Bombs that could destroy our world.

However, these two men, who many consider to be the most powerful on the globe, are happy to get involved in what amounts to little more than playground name calling.

And at the risk of being labelled sexist, I don’t believe two women in the same position would act in such a way.

American voters put their faith in Trump little over a year ago and despite having been in the White House for 12 months, he appears to have achieved little – apart from antagonise people at home and abroad.

He seems to believe that he can act like a boorish boss – which he may have got away with in private business but surely it cannot be allowed in public office.

Sadly it appears that the president continues to have his supporters, but perhaps some Americans will begin to see through his bullying facade.

Then perhaps we could all look forward 
to a safer and more stable