Letter from the editor: Tradition is what you make it

Christmas DinnerChristmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner
It's always said that Christmas is all about tradition. The same people get together in the same home and do the same things.

This usually involves spending too much on presents, eating too much and then tempers become frayed as we remember the reason that we haven’t spent many of the last 365 days with that family member who is slowly driving us 
insane with their comments/ complaints/ 
annoying cough ... you get the picture?

But I think the reason that people get so stressed at this time of the year is the belief that it all has to be perfect.

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It must be done as our parents or grandparents used to do things on December 25. Or even worse, it must be done as Delia/Jamie Oliver/ Gordon Ramsay/ the Kardashians do their Christmas.

Presents must be perfectly wrapped. The dinner – all homemade of course – cooked to perfection. And the house festooned with enough coloured lights to power a small country.

But this year I’ve decided that is not going to be how the Buchanan Christmas plays out.

Sadly, some people are no longer with us and soon there will be a new arrival, but the most important part is we are lucky enough to be able to spend time together.

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For whatever reasons, many people will be separated from their loved ones this festive period.

And while I could bemoan I’ve only got Christmas Day off, I’m not because I know that many other people will be working on December 25.

But it’s also a reason to forget homemade and rely on a well-known supermarket to provide Christmas 

Merry Christmas to you all.

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