Letter from the editor: Time to be happy with our lot

Wonky vegetables are now on sale in stores
Wonky vegetables are now on sale in stores

It was the wonky lemons that made me realise the world’s definitely gone mad.

No, unfortunately, I’ve not been starting my Hogmanay celebrations early but rather shopping in a supermarket early on Christmas Eve.

Hunting down the last thing on my list I was met with a choice of four lemons at £1 or four ‘wonky’ lemons at 80p.

On close inspection there didn’t seem to be much difference – one was perhaps a little misshapen but all were yellow and seemed to be lemon-shaped to me.

Now considering one was going to be shoved somewhere unmentionable in a turkey and the other three were destined to be cut up and put in G&Ts or as is more likely, forgotten about and left to rot in the fruit bowl, I went with the cheaper option.

It wasn’t the only wonky fruit and veg on offer, but where did all this desire for everything to be perfectly shaped come from?

I know it’s an advertising ploy by the supermarkets but really, who would complain about a slightly bent carrot or two.

However, when I read that some American actress has spent nearly £400,000 over the last ten years on plastic surgery to look like her idol Cher I realised that this desire for perfection was worrying and dangerous.

Why would you want to look like someone else?

It’s a trait, particularly for women, not to be happy with their looks but going under the knife to look like another person is just wrong.

Perhaps people should think if they are healthy then they should be happy with what they do have.