Letter from the editor: The harsh reality of drug misuse

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Love him or hate him you have to admire how chef Gordon Ramsay has turned his skills in the kitchen into a multi-million pound career.

But it’s not just about cooking, he has countless recipe books to his name and is a well-established broadcaster.

While the majority of his TV shows revolve around food, his latest is something completely different.

The second and final episode of Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine is on ITV tonight (Thursday). In it the cursing chef explores the global trade in the Class A drug.

Now he is backing calls for the programmes to be shown in schools as a warning to young people of the dangers.

Hearing this was a flashback to last Saturday morning in Forth Valley Royal’s A&E department where a weary staff nurse was stating something similar.

However, she wanted someone to film the aftermath of drug taking that medical staff have to deal with and show it to schoolchildren.

I thought the department was relatively quiet for 4am, but apparently hours earlier it had been much more ‘lively’.

Well at least it was quiet till paramedics brought in one man, who after consuming ecstasy and Valium, had been found running about the streets naked.

For the next few hours, I witnessed two security staff, two nurses, one auxiliary and one doctor try to reason with him to lie down and sleep off the effects of his drug taking.

During this time he hit out, kicked, swore and climbed about the cubicle.

We are always hearing about the cash-strapped NHS and it made me wonder how much it cost to look after this man.