Letter from the Editor: Showing they are unconquered

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

We’re all prone to allowing ourselves a moan or two about our lot: coughing and spluttering with a Spring cold, a back twinge after a spot of gardening, a calf strain from over-stretching yourself in the gym. Yes, all things to allow us to wallow in a generous dose of self pity.

Then you watch the Invictus Games.

The physical odds they have overcome should never be understated

These men and women who have suffered horrendous injuries in the service of their country and yet who have battled back, not just to a level of fitness to allow them to go about their daily lives, but to be able to take part in top level sport.

Along with all disabled sportsmen and women, the physical odds they have overcome should never be understated.

But perhaps the biggest challenge is counteracting the mental demons and accepting that physically you are no longer the person you were.

These men and women who served with the Armed Forces would have been at peak fitness when cruelly they received their devastating injuries, whether it be blown up by a landmine with the loss of limbs, shot by a sniper or even suffering from post traumatic stress by what they have been through.

The Invictus Games gives them a platform to show that they have the willpower to persevere and conquer new challenges.

Invictus means unconquered and in recent days the efforts of these Armed Forces personnel in the 2016 event in the United States has shown how, 
despite suffering such terrible life-changing 
injuries, the human spirit can fight back ... and win.