Letter from the editor: Seeing all sides of our NHS at 70

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Much has been written in recent days about the NHS as it celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Unfortunately, in the last two years my family has experienced at first hand our health service on numerous occasions.

We’ve seen it at its best, but sadly, also its worst.

The best is when you see a committed group of people work together to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a patient.

I’m not just talking about the highly-trained doctors, but all the nursing staff, paramedics, therapists, the housekeepers, porters and catering staff who, given the amount of time we spent in Forth Valley Royal Hospital earlier this year, we came to know and respect for the way they looked after my daughter – and the rest of the family.

The care she received was amazing and for that we will always be in their debt.

However, I wish that I could say the same about the experiences of elderly relatives.

Personally, I believe Falkirk Community Hospital is no longer fit for purpose – and I will never understand why they knocked down the newest part of the building while keeping wards that are now more than 50 years old.

But even the geriatric wards in Forth Valley Royal struggle to cope with the demand.

My mum suffered a stroke while an inpatient – and according to the agency nurse who was looking after her that day, they were overstretched and too busy to notice.

What is the point of having this wonderful facility if the service doesn’t have the funds to pay for the wonderful people who are at its heart.