Letter from the Editor: Result no-one was expecting

Well who saw that coming? Not me and certainly not David Cameron and definitely not Nigel Farage, who, as the polls closed, was admiting that Remain had probably edged it.

Fast forward a few hours and, together with Boris Johnson, he was grinning from ear to ear, while the Prime Minister and the rest of those backing the campaign to remain a member of the European Union were looking decidely squeamish.

But for me the scariest thing was taking part in a conference call with colleagues in England mid-morning on Friday and they couldn’t find anyone - even those who voted Leave – who were happy with the result.

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The consensus of opinion appeared to be that people had used their Brexit vote to quit the EU as a protest ... never expecting the majority to do the same.

Since then we’ve had the Labour Party go into meltdown as Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet abandoned him in droves. The Prime Minister has announced he is quitting and what happens next as far as leaving the EU is concerned, no-one really seems sure.

The country is now in a state of political uncertainty such has never been seen before and that’s not good.

I never like being the bearer of bad news, but as I pointed out in that call on Friday, all those who voted Leave in the belief they would have a strong UK again, have most likely done exactly the opposite.

What they have done is given more ammunition to the Scots for another referendum on independence – and an end to the United Kingdom forever.