Letter from the editor: More questions than answers on Brexit

Can it be almost two years since the Brexit referendum?

In reality it feels a lot longer – and we’re no nearer to knowing exactly what it will mean for us as the date for leaving the European Union looms ever closer.

There has been a lot of dialogue about what could take place, what should take place but like the vast majority of the people in Scotland and across the UK, I want to know what will take place.

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Like most citizens I want to know how it will affect me and my family.

Will the cost of living rise? Will there be enough people to work in our NHS? What laws will change when we no longer are under the European Courts?

All questions I’ve heard people ask in the last couple of years with not a lot of answers.

While there has been much debate, even more pontificating what there hasn’t been is honesty.

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Even if those who are hell bent on leading us down this road were to admit that they cannot give any guarantees, at least we would know where we stood.

Let’s be honest, as June 23, 2016 dawned many thought it might be a close run thing but not even the most ardent Leave supporters thought they would actually gain a majority. Within 24 hours it was a different story.

Fast forward 22 months and UK and EU officials are now in discussions on how the ‘divorce’ will affect things like trade, travel and security.

At 11pm on March 29 next year the break up will begin ... here’s hoping by then we have answers.