Letter from the Editor: Mixed messages make it difficult

Falkirk Herald editor-in-chief Colin HumeFalkirk Herald editor-in-chief Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor-in-chief Colin Hume
It seems right and proper that, on the day we are asked to make a decision that will influence the rest of our lives, my column should focus on the European Referendum.

The only problem with that is I’m still not sure exactly what difference it will make if we do opt to leave – and I suspect that no-one really does.

I’ve listened to all the experts giving their widely differing views on the pro and cons of staying in the EU but the only thing I’ve learned is that they can’t possibly all be right.

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In reality, all they’re doing is pulling together what facts they do have and giving us their best guess about what might happen.

And, while it is the Brexit camp who have labelled the Remain campaign as ‘Project Fear’, it is a card they’ve all been playing.

Fear about what will happen to our pensions. Fear about a European army. Fear about losing trade links with our neighbours. And fear that our country will be over-run with migrants.

Try sorting these out and coming to a sensible decision about which way to vote.

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The worrying aspect for me is that, in these days of personality politics, it’s not the arguments that will win the day but the popularity of those putting the arguments.

And that’s where it gets really confusing. Nicola Sturgeon in the same camp as David Cameron? George Galloway of the same opinion as Boris Johnson?

In the end it’s up to each of us to make up our own mind and hope that the nation as whole comes to the right decision ... whatever that may be.

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