Letter from the Editor: I’m delighted that the schools are back

Falkirk Herald editor-in-chief Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor-in-chief Colin Hume

It’s amazing how things change when you grow up.

When I was at school – admittedly a few years ago now – holidays used to flash by and I dreaded returning to the classroom.

I fondly remember one cold Christmas period led to frozen pipes at the school and extended our break for a few more precious days.

If I had been one of the pupils affected by the recent problems in Edinburgh, not only would I have been welcoming the extra free time but I would have been keeping my fingers crossed that the building may actually fall down.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy school when I got there - and I even performed reasonably well – it’s just that I’d much rather have been playing football down the park or even sitting indoors playing Daley Thompson’s Decathlon on my ZX Spectrum.

Fast forward 30-odd years and the holidays seem to drag on forever as I desperately try to find something new for my seven-year-old to do – after all I’m not going to let him play on his computer all day – and struggle to fix up child care.

But the strange thing is that, not only am I delighted when the schools go back, so his he!

He missed his friends (and his teachers!) and fairly bounded into the playground on Monday.

I’m not sure if that’s donw to the school itself or a comment on my parenting skills ...