Letter from the editor: Games can be a boost for us all

Editor Jill Buchanan
Editor Jill Buchanan

Can it really be four years since the Glasgow Commonwealth Games?

Apparently so, and as someone who also remembers the times they took place in Edinburgh in 1970 and 1986 that’s my excuse for time passing quickly. It’s an age thing!Although there isn’t the same engagement when a sporting extravaganza is not taking place on home territory, the Games are still capturing the imagination.

And isn’t it good to see so many Scottish athletes do well?

According to the people who somehow manage to pull together the statistics on such things, the long-term impact of the Glasgow games has not brought masses of extra people into sport but surely if any have been encouraged to get up off the couch and try their hand at some form of physical exercise it is a plus.

Although the economic benefits of Glasgow 2014 were apparently not felt far outside the city boundaries, this district did gain with part of the running track now in place at Grangemouth Stadium.

Several of our sporting elite also took part with more currently in Australia competing in this year’s event.

It’s good to see that Falkirk Council and Falkirk Community Trust are continuing to invest in our sporting and leisure facilities to hopefully encourage the athletes of tomorrow.

Although the Mariner Centre’s soft play area might only attract the very young, the income it should generate to use elsewhere is welcome.

Now if we could just have some of the Gold Coast sunshine ...