Letter from the Editor: Finally taking his place on stage ...

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I’ve taken the day off work tomorrow for a very special date – my son’s end-of-term show.

He’ll turn eight later this month so you may think I’ve already had my fill of such events.

He’s been practising his songs every night and is eagerly awaiting the big day

But, as a parent of a child with learning difficulties, these occasions have been few and far between as he’s been kept in the background or excluded altogether to avoid spoiling the performance.

In fact, I can only recall attending one show and that was back in his nursery days when he was carefully marshalled to avoid any mishaps.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everywhere he’s been the staff have been marvellous with him and whenever we bump into any of his former teachers they are delighted to see him and he’s always happy to respond with a big cuddle.

It’s a situation that many parents will relate to, so what’s changed this year that I’m actually looking forward to the event?

Well, thanks to the hard work and perseverance from a lot of people involved in his education thus far, he’s finally secured a place in a school better placed to meet his needs.

It’s out of the district and involves a taxi journey every day, but he’s thriving and, more importantly, he loves it.

He’s been practising his songs every night and is eagerly awaiting the big day.

Mum and I will roll up tomorrow, not expecting perfection but delighted that he’s finally taking centre stage.

I know a lot of parents out there are still searching for solutions. All I can say to them is I know it’s not easy but never give up on the fight.