Letter from the editor: Concert brought cash into town

Around 21,000 Little Mix fans converged on Falkirk last FridayAround 21,000 Little Mix fans converged on Falkirk last Friday
Around 21,000 Little Mix fans converged on Falkirk last Friday
Well they came, we saw and everyone went home happy. Or at least most did.

The Little Mix concert, as with all the other events organised by Rock the Stadium, left most people delighted at seeing one of their favourites in person, but there is always the few who manage to find fault.

I have to hold my hands up that I wasn’t inside the stadium – this chart-topping group unlike others before didn’t want any media attending to review or take photographs, but I had the important role of providing a taxi service on the night.

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I must admit the thought of trying to do a drop off and then get to a friend’s ruby wedding celebration – happy anniversary Janie and Jim – left me feeling a bit anxious.

But I needn’t have worried, everything was well organised and dropping off my passengers went smoothly.

Many of those attending were primary school age and they were having a ball even before they were inside the ground.

However, as with all the concerts that have been held at the stadium – and all similar events in Scotland – there were those whose over indulgence in alcohol let them down.

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The most worrying were those who were in charge of small children.

Picking up the concertgoers took a bit longer, but that was because 21,000 people were leaving at the same time and they had arrived over a period of hours.

But by the end of the night it all went off smoothly, had brought a lot of people to the area and saw them spending money in our town.

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