Letter from the editor: Barriers should give reassurance

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H opefully the news that anti-terrorist barriers are being installed in Edinburgh for the capital’s acclaimed International Festival and Fringe will do nothing to detract from the numbers attending the event or the fun for those who go along.

Sadly, it is a reflection on our current society that such measures are necessary and for all those who may think it ‘over-the-top’, then you only have to recall recent events in Manchester and London to realise that we could all be targets.

Police Scotland and Edinburgh City Council asked for the barriers to be installed and the cash is being supplied by the UK government.

For anyone who objects to the cost remember that this is the biggest arts festival in the world and for three weeks every August it attracts visitors from all over the world.

But they don’t only spend their money in the capital city they travel 
further afield in our beautiful country. Falkirk is only a short train journey away and very quickly tourists can be seeing our impressive Wheel, fabulous Kelpies, historic Callendar House and everything else our district has to offer.

On sunny Monday evening there were hundreds of locals enjoying the facilities at the Helix, but there were also many foreign voices.

Here’s hoping that the installation of these barriers will give a reassurance.

The important message for us all is that we cannot let the terrorists win. So it’s even more important than ever that people go along to Festival and Fringe events – if not for the culture, at least for the carnival atmosphere.