Letter from the Editor: Ambitious vision for town centre’s future

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My 15th anniversary of living in Falkirk district passed earlier this year and it’s fair to say the area has undergone a major trasnformation in that time.

One of the first trips out of the Herald office saw me perched on top of what was in the process of becoming the Falkirk Wheel as an engineer tried to explain to me the work that was taking place.


The Wheel, of course, has gone on to become a top tourist attraction and has been followed over the years by such major projects as The Falkirk Stadium, the Helix Park and, or course, the already iconic Kelpies.

Such innovation has put the Falkirk area on the map but the challenge has always been to get the visitors into the town and provide a much-needed boost to traders.

It is easy to knock our town centre but a huge amount of work has taken place to ensure it fights its corner in a difficult environment – and a wide variety of awards are testament to some of the successes acheived.

However, there has always been a view that more radical approach was needed amd that’s why I applaud the masterplan put forward by local businessman Alistair Campbell and unveiled in the Falkirk Herald a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, it’s ambitious but I well remember the doubts expressed when the orginal plan for the Kelpies was first revealed.

We’ll never achieve anything of note unless we think.

One quote I like to use is ‘It is easier to tame a wild idea than it is to invigorate one that has no life in the first place’’ and Alistair is spot on in this regard.