Letter from the Editor: We have to beat election fatigue

It would be difficult to pen this column without giving a nod to the General Election taking place today.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 8th June 2017, 8:07 am

We are, after all, about to decide who will lead the country through one of the most challenging times in our recent history.

And, of course, it’s vital that we all play out part by putting our ‘X’ in the box.

It’s just that, like many people, I’m suffering from election fatigue.

Following on from the independence referendum in 2014, we’ve had a General Election, Brexit vote and, just last month, we had the council elections.

It’s difficult enough for the voters but, for the politicians, it must seem like a marathon campaign trail.

And they must be tearing their hair out trying to explain to prospective suporters just what each election is about as the various issues seemed to get wrapped up in one no matter which parliament or authority responsibility rests with.

In our Opinion section this week, we are asking readers if they would be more inclined to vote if they could do it online.

Conveniently enough you can answer this particular question online, via our Facebook page, but let me give you my tuppence-worth - of course we would and or course we should.

Okay, I understand there are problems that would have to be overcome – we’ve all seen online polls hijacked by a group with a particular interest - but in this day and age surely that can’t be beyond us.

Some people will still want to head down to a polling station to cast their vote in the usual way but I bet the vast majority of us would prefer just to click a button.