Letter from the editor: End of an era as demolition looms

It's always a pity when landmark buildings are razed to the ground.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 11th May 2018, 12:00 pm

Sadly that fate awaits the former Big Bar at Bainsford Cross.

While the red sandstone building may not be of architectural significance, it is one of those structures which as far as most of us are concerned, has always been there.

However, its problems are well documented and unfortunately, its neglect and dilapidated state would appear to have signed its death warrant.

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In recent years its 
future has been much 
debated. But it seems that after so many years with no upkeep, and not forgetting an extensive fire in 2005, together with 
tenants of the flats and commercial premises moving out, it had become a danger to the public.

Over the years the politicians from all parties have worked hard to find a solution – initially to maintain the building, but as it became apparent this was unlikely, ensuring that the area was made safe for the local community as they go about their business.

All that effort appears to have come to fruition with this week’s news that it is to be demolished.

Their tenacity should be applauded and highlights how local councillors can make a difference.

When the building comes down it is important that the area isn’t left to be waste ground but put to good use in the heart of this community.

Whether it becomes a site for housing or some sort of social facility 
here’s hoping that it 
becomes a new landmark – for all the right