Letter from the Editor: Changing view on technology

More than once I've used this column to moan about how technology has had an adverse effect on our lives as I've harked back to the '˜good old days'.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 7:09 am
The snow has forced many of us into emergency arrangements

But as I sit writing this, occasionally glancing out of the window to see how deep the snow is now, I have cause to reflect on my previously dismissive approach to the advantages that new innovations can bring.

You see it’s not the office window I’m viewing the wintery landscape from but the back bedroom in my home several miles away.

While several hardy souls made it into our Grangemouth HQ on Wednesday morning, we all decanted within a couple of hours.

Years ago we would have had a massive dilemma - get home safely and accept that the Falkirk Herald wouldn’t appear on Thursday morning or just get on with it and hope for a break in the snow later in the evening.

Of course, there wouldn’t really have been a choice. Come what may the paper must come out, even if it meant we may have had to bed down in the office.

But now the entire staff is able to put the finishing touches to this week’s edition - constantly updating the website at the same time - from the comfort of our own homes.

So my thanks to the boffins who invented the internet, wifi and all sorts of associated technology that has made this possible.

Let’s just hoped that the ‘Beast from the East’ departs in time for people to get out and actually buy the paper otherwise our efforts will have been in vain!