Letter from the Editor: Are passwords posing a problem for you?

I have a real problem with passwords. This may well be an age-related issue, but I reckon it's something people of all generations struggle with.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th March 2018, 9:00 am
Remembering passwords can be a real headache
Remembering passwords can be a real headache

In days gone by, all we really had to remember was the PIN for our bank card but now we can operate almost every facet of our life from the comfort 
of our armchair ... as long as we can get logged on to the appropriate website.

I thought I’d solved the problem by – whisper it - using the same password for all sites but it’s not as straightforward as that. Some insist on a mixture of capital and lower case letters, for others you must include a number and a few even operate a rule whereby you can’t use the same characters consecutively.

All this means my ‘single’ password has numberous variations and I envitably have to go through all the options before stumbling across the correct one.

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You can often overcome this problem by accepting the helpful offer from your laptop to remember the passsword itself, but that can lead to a whole host of other issues.

The problem is that, if your ever have to reload a program, all that stored information disappears.

Last year I used to spend a few hours a week happily constructing my own website before other priorities - such as moving house and spending time with the family - got in the way.

Finding myself with a bit more free time I decided to revisit the project only to be met with the aforementioned password conundrum.

None of the usual 
suspects worked but I do know it’s 10 letters and 
possibly Beatles related so any suggestions are welcome!