Let’s give winter a warm welcome

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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I’m really really excited about the winter coming!

There’s something about it that I really love – woollen jumpers, hot chocolate and marshmallows, the way that snow just falls effortlessly from the sky ...

Of course, everyone at some point really does despise the winter – the snow sometimes just gets a bit too much and everyone goes a bit mad because their cars get stuck.

Mind you, none of us are complaining as we get a good few extra days off school as a result!

But I think we should just take a few moments to appreciate how beautiful winter time is.

The lead-up to Christmas is something that everyone loves – ignoring the fact that the whole country is going mental trying to buy presents for everyone, of course.

The Winter Wonderland and the German Market in Edinburgh during December are absolutely magical.

Ice skating and mulled wine and the big ferris wheel overlooking the whole of Princess Street gardens is just... wow!

Now I know I said people go daft buying gifts, but, in all honesty, I really really enjoy it.

I always try and buy things a little bit different and a little bit more meaningful than a pair of socks and a selection box.

There’s something really rewarding about knowing that someone really appreciates the thought and effort you’ve put into finding the perfect present for them.

And winter clothes ... long scarfs, fingerless gloves, tailored coats; I always feel very feminine during this season. I think it’s the lack of shorts, trainers and my brothers tee-shirts dominating my wardrobe.

See I’m even sat here writing this with a big grin on my face. Even the thought of winter makes me happy. I cannot wait till it starts getting cold.