Let’s give thanks for the sunshine

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I think the good weather we’ve been having recently has cheered everyone up a bit.

It gets you in the mood for summer, makes people happy because they are not complaining about the cold or the rain, there’s an excuse to eat ice cream all the time, music is blaring and everyone is just generally in such a good mood!

I know the recent few days of sunshine has certainly put me in a fantastic little mood.

Being able to go out at nights without the fear of the wind and rain making my mascara run is something of a blessing.

Oh, and also being able to wander about without having to worry about scarves and big jackets and umbrellas which are just all extra luggage that no one really wants to be carrying!

I’m also very grateful, because about a quarter of my current wardrobe is made up of t-shirts and denim shorts.

I’ve got to admit I’m not really a summer dress type of person.

Of course I have skirts. But flowery dresses are just a bit too girly for me. I am a die-hard lover of the shorts and Converse combo.

It’s awful in class though.

Especially when it’s boiling hot and you’re underneath a massive blazer in a stuffy classroom full of 20 bodies.

I have suggested before that lessons should be taken outside at the first blink of sunshine.

But apparently only the PE department has that right.

All I’m saying is, thank goodness for air conditioning!

But just think though, in just over two weeks’ time, me and the girls head to Italy.

I really hope the weather is just as good, if not better, when we’re over there.

I hope they stock up on the sun cream though, most of them burn to a crisp in the sun.

Hannah and I were only out for a few hours the other day and she came back home with a nose like Rudolph and peely shoulders, bless her.

All this good weather ... I really do wish that it was like this more often. When the sun comes out, life just gets better.