Lesson learned on early morning trip

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

I think I’ve picked up a speeding fine ... in the centre of Edinburgh.

I say ‘think’ because there were two quick flashes of light as I headed towards Cameron Toll on my way to Waverley train station but, to be honest, I’ve no idea if I was breaking the speed lmit or not.

I was certainly travelling at well under 40mph but it could well be the the maximum allowed is actually 30mph.

I’m not usually too blasé about such things but the truth is that, although I’ve travelled that route hundreds of times, I’ve never actually managed to get anywhere near that speed. My sojourns into the city centre are usually at rush hour, or at least at the height of the day, and if my speedo nudges the 20mph mark for any length of time then I’m more than happy.

But this was at five o’clock in the morning as made my way to catch the ‘red eye’ train to London. There was still a steady stream of traffic but what is normally an hour’s journey took less then 45 minutes.

I’ll be checking my letterbox with a certain degree of trepidation over the next couple of weeks ... but I’ll also be keeping a close check on my speedometer as well. That’s one lesson I’ve certainly learned.