Labour needs to start getting its act together

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What has happened to the Labour Party? What could really be going on behind the closed doors of what was once, arguably, the strongest party in the UK?

And, more importantly, why does no one want to take on the role as the leader of Scottish Labour?

I think Johann Lamont has dug herself a bit of a hole by coming out publicly and saying that Labour down at Westminster hasn’t been treating our Scottish reps very nicely. I understand where’s she’s coming from – granted if I’m annoyed at someone, I’ll make it completely public until the whole world hears – but I don’t think she’s thought of the repercussions of saying such things, for her or her Party.

In years to come, I won’t remember her as the strong women she was, I’ll remember her as the one who threw the towel in, as harsh as it may sound.

What makes matters worse is the fact that no one actually wants to take Lamont’s place. Surely an opportunity like this would be taken by the horns by most MSPs, but there’s more dismissal than welcome right now it seems.

Is Lamont right? Is Miliband just a bit unfair towards us Scots in his party? Right now I have an awful picture painted in my head of Miliband, the big school bully, who no one wants to be friends with because he’s nasty.

A bold statement this may be, but maybe we should start looking at it in these more simple terms. What is clear, though, is that no one wants to step up, therefore portraying that no one really wants to work with Miliband.

I think one key factor here has been missed, however. Think about the voters. Think about how we, the public, view this.

To me, it all seems a bit petty; more playground games than hardcore politics.

And if I, a 17-year-old who can’t even vote yet thinks this, then I can’t even begin to imagine how people eligible to vote see it.

My message is simple: Labour is crumbling and, if it doesn’t start taking account for its actions and acting a bit more like a grown-up soon, then it will lose the most important things to it – us.