Keeping busy doing nothing during holidays

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I’ve done absolutely nothing during these October holidays.

It’s quite sad to think that this time last year I was poolside in Tunisia, soaking up the sun. I think the most sun we got during this week was probably at the weekend, and even then the rain came pouring down as soon as it hit twelve o’clock.

I had so much planned as well. Do all my homework at the beginning of the week, go out with my friends, meet some old pals that I haven’t seen in months, go to the Helix ...

It all seemed rather productive.

Well, when the rain came tumbling down, all of that went to pot. I’ve sat on
my behind, in the little corner of my settee, 
stuffing my face with goodies, watching some terrible daytime TV (I have to admit though, I have a newfound love for Bridezillas) and listening 
to blink-182.

I guess one good thing that came out of my laziness was the fact I’ve started drawing again.

When I was younger, like 12, I drew loads. Cartooning, mostly. But lately, it’s been proper, grown up, realistic things.

I was feeling a little bit inspired, Hannah and Claire always have their art stuff 
out at break and lunch, and I’m not going to lie, it looks 
pretty amazing. So I though why not, and started sketching again.

It’s such a good de-stresser. I totally recommend it.

I’ve also become somewhat of an expert at TapTap. 
TapTap, by the way, is a little game on my iPod that I have where I have to tap along to a beat of a song. It’s more difficult than it sounds, I promise.

The Skrillex remix of ‘Levels’ by Avicii is pretty much impossible.

I did manage to see some of the girls as well, which 
was good. I do miss them when I don’t see them everyday. I need my daily fix of gossip.

So yes, I’m quite looking forward to going back to school, because of this. But I have to admit, lazing around doing nothing for a week, it’s absolutely brilliant.