Keep a little sparkle as summer days linger

Keep the holiday spirit alive
Keep the holiday spirit alive

The sun may be setting on summer, but that’s no reason to sweep away the refreshing, light wines you’ve been enjoying. Keep the holiday vibe going with a bit of sparkle.


Possibly the best supermarket own label prosecco, Sainsbury’s Conegliano Prosecco, Taste the Difference magnum, Italy (£19, 150cl, Sainsbury’s) is a brut (dry) style prosecco and tastes even better in a large bottle format. The beads of bubbles are a delicious combination of peach, apricot and pear crowned with white flowers.


If you find some champagnes too acidic, prosecco too frothy, or cava too bland, then Jansz Premium Cuvee NV, Tasmania, Australia (£15.75, Oddbins) is the sparkler for you. Opening up with full aromas of honeysuckle and lemon, leading to nuts, nougat and even a hint of creamy caramel, there’s depth and richness to this delightful blend of chardonnay and pinot noir.


We can’t seem to drink enough of New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc, but why stop there when you can be seduced by the rich, nutty aromas and light straw reflections of Nautilus Cuvee, Marlborough, New Zealand (£17.95, { | |Click here to visit Wine Direct}). This stunning sparkle, predominantly from pinot noir is powerful and elegant.


Italy’s answer to champagne, franciacorta premium sparkling wines are fashionable favourites, bridging the gap between prosecco and champagne. Barone Pizzini Brut, Italy (£19.99, is a delicately dry style. Made with chardonnay and a splash of pinot noir, it offers lemon and lime scents, fine beads of bubbles and an attractive biscuity note.