Kate Livingstone: Will I be for staying in or leaving ...?

Kate LivingstoneKate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone
Am I the only one suffering from a large dose of '˜voter malaise'?

It seems that we just get one election or referendum over when there is another one on the horizon.

I’m certainly not one of those people who shrugs their shoulders and says I’m not interested in this one, so I’ll not bother casting my vote. Definitely not.

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As my old mum has always pointed out, the Suffragettes died to give women like me the vote so I will always use mine.

But it’s just all the hype and hullabaloo that goes with it that wears me down.

For weeks if not months we’ve had one side saying that everything about being in Europe is great, while others are telling us that its dreadful being a member and we need to leave right away.

Who do you believe? Who do you trust?

I think one of the strangest things about the EU Referendum is seeing politicians from the same political 
party arguing with each other.

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We keep hearing that most of the big businesses want us to stay in with a handful saying leave, but what I want to know is how is it going to affect me and my family for years to come.

And as far as I can see, no-one has given me that answer.

With Westminster elections last year, Holyrood ones this year, the Scottish Referendum in 2014 and now this EU Referendum, I’m getting weary.
It almost makes me feel a bit sorry for the Americans with their presidential elections.

They may only take place every four years but the lead up to them is so protracted it seems like one person just gets behind that desk in the White House Oval Office and they start the hunt for the next one.

Their campaigns cost so much money, but it seems that ours are going the same way.

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In the latter stages this campaign has been turning nasty and the events of last Thursday when Jo Cox was murdered are almost too horrible to contemplate.

It makes you wonder what sort of society we have become when someone is killed for their political views.

Such actions are the sort of behaviour you might expect in some dictator state but not the streets if Britain.

However, it has made me realise that to toss a coin to decide whether to vote in or out is not the answer. So this week I’ve spent any spare time I have watching the TV debates and reading articles by both sides.

But, whisper it, despite all this, I’m still none the wiser as to what is the best move ...