Kate Livingstone: What’s in a name? Lots it would seem

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Well it’s certainly not a name I would have chosen. In fact, as far as I’m concerned it’s not a proper name for a baby!

Yes, you’ve guessed it. I’m talking about the ridiculous moniker that singers Cheryl and Liam Payne have given their baby - Bear! Honestly, it shouldn’t be allowed.

Did they not learn anything from David Bowie? He and then wife Angie called their son Zowie. But when Zowie Bowie grew up he took the name David Jones – not much difference and totally understandable why he didn’t want to stick with his parents’ choice.

I’m not sure if celebrity parents think they have to be ‘different’ when coming up with names for their children but really someone should make them sit down and think about what they are really doing.

Then the scary thing is that so many stupid people follow their lead.

Why would a couple who each have normal first names David and Victoria really want to name their offspring Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruse and Harper?

So what if Brooklyn is reportedly named after the place he was conceived – would they have had the same compulsion if they had been staying in New York’s Queens? Don’t think so.

I suppose it is a rite of passage growing up that we go through a phase of disliking the name our parents gave us.

I’ve been Kate all my days even though it says Katherine on my birth certificate. Why did mum and dad not just go for Kate?

And if truth be told, I’ve always wanted to be Katy but it’s a bit late to start changing things now.

However, it seems that some names are about to become extinct!

If you are called Cilla, Janice, Donna or Gail it appears you may be quite unique in years to come. The same goes for men called Ian, Frank, Ricky or Clive as parents are failing to pick these for their newborns.

But I’m sure they will eventually make a comeback.

After all, who would have thought a few years ago that traditional names like Tom, Jack and George, along with Emily, Olivia and Sophie would be topping the popularity charts.

Giving a baby a name is such an important choice that you sometimes feel it shouldn’t be left up to the parents at such an emotional time ...

My old granny always used to say that before naming a child, you should always think ahead and imagine standing at the back door shouting it.

Somehow “Bear your tea is on the table” doesn’t quite work!