Kate Livingstone: Triplets may be a joy but not for me!

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

To say I was gobsmacked was an understatement.

Having one baby when you are 55 is mind blowing but to have three! I nearly had to lie down in a darkened room just at the very thought.

This week’s story about the woman down south who gave birth to triplets after her 55th birthday was quite unbelievable.

I must admit that Sharon Cutts didn’t look her age, but I had her down as a very glamorous grandmother – which it turns out she already is – but not a new mum.

She told a national newspaper that she had botox and hair extensions so she would look glamorous for the babies being born by c-section last month.

Good on you girl because from memory it will be a long time before you have time to do anything like that again with three little bundles of joy to take care of.

It turns out she and her 40-year-old boyfriend had fertility treatment so she could conceive – and had to go abroad because the NHS won’t fund it after a woman hits 42.

However, she understandably spent 11 weeks on bed rest in an NHS hospital in this country before the births – bet since their arrival on March 21 she’s often wished she could go back again for some peace and quiet, as well as sleep!

With a grown up family of four, Ms Cutts will have plenty of experience in looking after babies, but three of them demanding to be fed/nappy changed/attention all at once will be a very different ball game.

Then there is dealing with her delightful trio when they get on their feet. Three little rascals all running in different directions is certainly a handful to cope with when you are in your 20s or 30s, but hitting 60? No thanks!

Do you think she and her partner sat down and thought that when her new arrivals turn 18 she will be 73? Not exactly in her dotage and there are plenty of very active and fit septuagenarians.

But what happens if she doesn’t enjoy the good health she obviously currently has?

I remember many years ago talking to a doctor at a social event. He asked if I had children and at that point I didn’t.

I’ve never forgotten his wise words and perhaps Ms Cutts would have done well to hear them: “Have your children at an age that will mean you’re young enough to enjoy your grandchildren.”

Now that I have two grandchildren of my own I know exactly what he means.

Good luck to Ms Cutts – she’ll certainly need it!