Kate Livingstone: Taking advice from hubby is a no!

Politics doesn’t make me laugh very often, want to cry more like if the truth be told, but last week one political story made me laugh out loud.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 31st May 2019, 12:20 pm

This was before Theresa May announced she was standing down as Conservative leader and after weeks of “would she, should she, will she” conjecture.

One story appeared – and I’m not sure how much truth it was based on – but apparently Tory MPs had approached the Prime Minister’s husband Philip and said he had to persuade her to resign.

Yes right! How many women listen to their husband?

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Particularly one who has held such a powerful role as Mrs May.

It might have been the case many years ago when women’s domain was the inside of a home and it was the man who was the breadwinner. But in 2019 that surely can’t be the case?

My friends and I were discussing it over a cuppa at the weekend.

“It’s changed so much even since our mum’s were first married,” said Sheena.

“I remember my mum telling me that she wasn’t allowed to work in the front shop when she was expecting and instead had to stay in the stockroom! Apparently her boss was really old-fashioned and didn’t think it ‘seemly’ for someone with a bump to be seen by the public.”

Although we were all surprised we did admit that we had heard similar stories before.

“My mine told me she wasn’t allowed to sign forms, it had to be my dad, because she was a stay-at-home mum when my brother and I were small,” admitted Claire.

This triggered more chat, particularly around money.

While some were happy to go down the route of “what’s his is mine and what’s mine is my own”, some said all cash decisions were made equally.

Others said while they were happy to listen to the views of their husband or partner and take on board their input, but particularly when it came to making decisions about the money they earned, the final decision was solely theirs.

But Paula said she had a cousin whose husband kept a firm control on the purse-strings, dealing with all the financial decisions and never consulting her.

Very strange.

I was always one who looked on what I earned as mine and rarely listened to my husband’s views – but then maybe that’s why he is now my ex-husband!