Kate Livingstone: So who do you think you are, Sir?

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Am I the only one who is fed up with the should he get a knighthood furore surrounding David Beckham?

Apparently he wants one – and he’s not happy that he has been overlooked while others have been given the honour.

Or at least according to some ‘leaked’ emails he has.

Now he comes across as a nice guy, even the squeaky voice has improved in recent years, but hey, get over it!

There’s things we’d all like in life and most of us have to put up with never achieving very many of them.

Look on the bright side, you’ve had a very successful career doing something that most people could only dream of. You have raked in millions from kicking a ball about and the sponsorship deals that go with it.

Your wife also made a lot of money from appearing in a hugely lucrative girl band (notice I didn’t say sing with ...) and now runs a fashion business.

You have four healthy children.

Why not be content with your lot?

Yes it might be nice to be Sir David but it’s not the end of the world that you’re not.

I remember being devastated when I wasn’t made milk monitor in Miss Taylor’s primary three class – especially as the girl who had the long blonde hair which always had very shiny ribbons in it was – but it probably made me a better person learning to live with it.

The whole honours system does leave you wondering what it’s all about.

Yes, it’s nice to say ‘well done’ to someone for their efforts but where do you draw the line?

Do you think the Queen really says “I’ll give an OBE to that awfully kind janitor from that little school in Stirlingshire who does so much to help the pupils, but I’m not giving one to the lollipop man at the school down the road”?

No I don’t think so. It will be officials at Buck House who weed out all the applications and put forward the ones that they think are most deserving.

Captains of industry who help bolster the economy, Scout and Guide leaders, lifeboat men and women, teachers, academics and ‘stars’ from the world of sport and entertainment regularly feature.

But you’re not telling me that there aren’t a lot even more deserving people out there who don’t get a mention – or perhaps don’t want a ‘gong’ and their moment in the spotlight.

So come on David, don’t think you are the only one who has been overlooked. Just be thankful for what you do have.