Kate Livingstone: Outdoor music hits wrong note

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I’m convinced the best way to watch outdoor music festivals is from the comfort of my living room.

A weekend of dipping in and out of Glastonbury via my remote control did nothing to alter that view.

Alright so this time around there only appeared to be one downpour and the grounds of Worthy Farm were not the sea of mud that they usually have. The sun was shining most of the time but it still did nothing to convince me that I wanted to be there in person.

Okay, it is supposed to be one of those things on your bucket list and I’m sure that it is a great experience to see some of the groups live. But the majority of folk are such a distance away from the stage and even the big screens dotted about that they must see very little.

They may hear it but, sitting on my comfy sofa with a glass of something chilled in hand, I can see AND hear it all in glorious technicolour.

I’ve never really been the camping sort. Too fond of my creature comforts – well basic necessities like running water and real loos!

I like live music and spending time with friends but the thought of camping in a muddy field, queueing for washing facilities, being crammed together in a crowd just makes me shudder.

My two have done T in the Park over the years and I could maybe be persuaded to go for the day if there was an act that I really wanted to see.

I remember a few years ago Gary and his friends came home and quite honestly you couldn’t tell what colour their clothes were, the mud was so thick.

My friend’s daughter lives down south and her husband still goes to Glastonbury with a group of friends as they have done since university days. Apparently his wife is not so accommodating as his mother was and makes him strip off in the utility room, putting his dirty clothes in the washing machine before he heads to the shower.

And she makes him clean the bathroom too! Good on her I say. She’s already been stuck at home all weekends with their young family.

My two laugh when I tell them that despite all my protestations of it not being for me I did go to an outdoor concert once – to see Slade when they played Callendar Park!

They were a really big group at the time and it was a big deal for Falkirk.

I liked their music but I think that I liked it even more because it was sunny – but then weren’t the summers always warm and sunny when we were young?

So that’s why I’ll stick to watching everything from Glastonbury to Proms in the Park from the relative comfort of my home.