Kate Livingstone: If you want to take wardrobe pay up!

Personally, I don't see what all the fuss is about over the budget airline deciding to charge people for bringing hand luggage into the cabin.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th January 2018, 12:30 pm
Were the good old days really better?
Were the good old days really better?

I’m certainly not a frequent flyer, but I can guarantee that every time I have flown in recent years there has been hold ups as several passengers try to squeeze a bulging suitcase into an overhead locker.

Think gallon into a pint pot scenario.

Meanwhile, folk like me who will happily admit that they don’t travel light have forked out the extra cash to put a suitcase in the hold ... and are prepared to wait for it in the baggage hold.

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But oh no, everyone is in so much of a hurry nowadays that they want to step off a plane, through passport control and on their way. They probably don’t even get checked into their hotel room and slip into their swimming costume in the hotel loo – you know the type!

For me, I don’t want to get to two days before my holiday is over and worry that I won’t have any clean knickers to wear ... well you know what I mean.

And who hasn’t spotted someone in the check-in queue wearing half their clothes. I appreciate layering, but that is usually ridiculous.

I appreciate that we’re all cash-strapped these days and if there is any way to save a little cash on our travels, we would happily do it. But if you want to take half your wardrobe with you please pay to store luggage in the hold.

Apparently this move has been prompted by delays as luggage that doesn’t fit in overhead lockers is moved into the hold. And with airlines not wanting to spend anymore time on the ground than necessary to save on their own bills, you can see why they’ve made the decision.

On a trip a few years ago, the lady sitting in front of me had put a beach bag in the locker when the stewardess came along and asked her to put it at her feet so the chap sitting next to her could put his suitcase there instead.

She politely declined and said that she had paid to stow her suitcase and why couldn’t he do the same.

The stewardess marched off in a fit of pique only to return a short time later and say that if the woman didn’t take her bag down the pilot could ask for her to be taken off the plane.

I really felt for her as everyone sitting nearby turned round to stare as this poor red-faced woman took down her bag and the smug so-and-so that she then had to sit next to for the next few hours laughed and joked with his mates.

Tell you what, I’d have insisted that he sit with her bag at his feet for the journey!