Kate Livingstone: Hair-raising idea to ditch my dryer

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I’m all for doing my bit for saving the planet but no-one is going to stop me using my hairdryer or straighteners!

The thought of having to go around with my unruly mop of hair if I gave up using my beloved electrical devices is enough to give me the vapours.

Yes, it seems even the humble hairdryer is getting blamed for too much energy being consumed and we’re being encouraged to find a more eco-friendly alternative.

I think for most of my life I’ve longed for smooth, flowing locks but on a good day mine could only be described as curly and the majority of the time it’s a frizzy mess.

Every morning I need to allocate at least ten minutes to try to bring it all under control.

And over the years I think that I’ve tried every product designed to give you ‘smooth hair in minutes’ ... usually without much success.

It seems even these potions and sprays are getting the thumbs down from the green brigade with anything in an aerosol can a particularly vice.

We’re being urged to use non-aerosol products but I’ve never found a hairspray that doesn’t come in a can and which works!

Often these sort of lotions and potions are much more expensive – and I mean much more – so who can blame people for using a supermarket own brand or budget buy.

My trusted hairdresser has the skills to bring my curls/frizz under control but sadly I can’t afford to call on her services every time I wash my hair. That’s one of the few luxuries that I really envy those who do but most of the time I wouldn’t want to be a TV or film star even if I would like their bank balance.

I even once thought about doing a hairdressing course to improve my skills but unfortunately that was another of my good ideas which never came to anything.

Perhaps it’s something else I can add to my bucket list.

Of course, nowadays this isn’t all down to women with men spending a considerable amount of time on ensuring that their hair looks just right.

I cannot believe how much time my son Gary spends on his hair – even when he’s heading to the gym or out to play five-a-side football he’ll be gelling and waxing to make sure it’s sitting just so.

Then he does it all over again when he comes out of the shower after his sporting activity. Maybe if I made him cut down that would count as me doing my bit for the planet?