Kate Livingstone: Enjoying our very own Bake Off ...

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Three days after spending an entire day looking after my grandchildren and I’m still in recovery mode.

I had all these plans in place about what we were going to do ... then the wind and rain put paid to all thoughts of doing outdoor activities.

Whatever happened to the humble fairy cake? They wanted cupcakes

By the time it had dried up on Saturday afternoon, we were elbow deep in flour and having a baking feast in my kitchen, where, may I say, I’m still finding sultanas and flour despite giving it a good clean on Sunday.

I was going to say that I blame Mary Berry for giving youngsters such an interest in baking cakes and buns, but, when I think about it, this was something we used to love doing with our gran too.

So it sort of gives me a warm glow inside to think that I’m, hopefully, making lovely memories for my two.

But oh it was hard work at the time!

And why can it never be a simply sponge or fairy cake that they want to make?

Oh no, it’s got to be the biggest, fanciest cake you can find in the recipe book. Complete with garish coloured sweetie toppings – and chocolate!

And come to think of it, whatever happened to the humble fairy cake? I kid you not, my two didn’t know what they were.

Cupcakes were what they were asking to make.

Well I told them that it would be little fairy cakes and butterfly cakes because they were good enough for us – oh no, I’m really beginning to sound like my mother.

But needless to say they loved getting involved whatever we were making, although I did give in a little and use one of those packet mixes and tubs of American ‘frosting’ – my old gran would be turning in her grave!

My grandchildren are obviously very observant – and clever and talented and beautiful! – because they were telling me I must do what “Paul and Mary do on TV” and line the tins with oil and “that paper”.

Yes changed days from when your mum always had the butter wrappers stored in the fridge for just such a job on baking day.

Licking the bowl after the mixture had been turned out into the tins is a joy that children of all ages like to participate in, well it saves on the washing up.

By the time their mum came to collect them, we were all covered in flour and sticky from icing sugar but they had a lovely time.

And if I’m honest, so did I. Just glad that Emma not me was the one trying to calm them down for bed after I had filled them full of sugar and additives!