Kate Livingstone: Dressing up for the special occasion

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Well what did you make of the Oscars? No, not the fiasco with announcing the wrong best picture, but the fashions.

Although I must say if some number cruncher had managed to muck up my big moment, then I don’t think I would have been so gracious as the cast and crew of La La Land!

No. I would have been screaming and holding on to that golden trophy and screeching “It’s mine”.

But it just shows you that there are better people out there than me.

Which is the point where my mother when reading this will say out loud “I’ve been saying that for years. Now you finally admit I’m right.”

It’s great to have a supporter in your corner ...

Every year my friends and I have a post-Oscar party. I’m afraid that we’re too old to stay up to the wee small hours watching it and then get up for work the next day.

But come Friday night, we’ll be ensconced in one of our homes with several bottles of supermarket fizz prepared to watch a re-run of the big event.

We’ll be drooling over Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield, although perhaps Mel Gibson and Jeff Bridges are more our era, but it will be what the ladies wore that will be the main talking point of the evening.

In previous years conversations have gone something like this: “If you had all that money, would you really go out looking like that?”

“Did she look in a mirror before she left the house?”

It will then be pointed out that most of the stars don’t have to buy their red carpet ensemble as it is loaned to them by the fashion designers for the event.

Which once prompted my friend Barbara to come up with the cracking line: “Well they obviously don’t think very much of her to kit her out in that!”

Yes fashion is certainly all about individual style, but really would you let someone convince you that a huge ballgown was right for you, particularly if you are five feet nothing?

Much better to do what my friends and I do – gather lots of opinions before stepping out the door. Social media is great for it now, we just have to send a pic.

Lots of thumbs up mean you are good to go, while thumbs down mean a wardrobe rummage and rethink of an outfit.

Over the years it’s stood us all in good sted for special occasions, including job interviews and weddings.

Perhaps we should pass our tip on to some stars of stage and screen ...