Kate Livingstone: Dress to impress to taste first class

It's that time of year when your thoughts turn to sun-soaked beaches and foreign climates. And given the chilly temperatures that we've had to put up with in recent weeks is it any wonder that we are all longing for a sunny break.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th April 2018, 3:41 pm
Updated Friday, 20th April 2018, 3:44 pm

Although I like to relax on holiday my time is not all spent by the poolside, I do like to wander round the local beauty spots and places of interest. However, if the skies are blue and my skin can feel the warmth of the sun then I’m happy.

But for me the holiday begins at the airport and I love arriving early, getting rid of my luggage and spending time in the departure lounge, shopping, eating and okay, if you twist my arm, a little glass of something to toast my impending break.

I also love to sit and people watch, imagining where all these people are going and what their story is.

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Are the little old couple about to go and visit their family who they’ve not seen in years ... or are they having a week in Benidorm?

Could that couple be on their first holiday without their children or is this a business trip and it’s the boss and his secretary?

It certainly fills the time till the boarding gate opens!

However, no matter how often I travel one thing that has never happened to me is being upgraded.

My dream of ending up in business or first class has yet to materialise which is why I found an article that I came across at the weekend so 

Apparently it’s all about how you dress and ensuring that you don’t look out of place with those who have the cash to travel this way all the time.

According to airline staff, if your travelling attire includes jeans and trainers it’s a definite no to ever being selected for a move from economy.

Apparently for females a dress or smart trousers and blazer, while for males it’s a shirt and chinos – forget the 
t-shirt and cargo pants.

The look we need to aspire to is “smart but understated”.

We need to look like we travel often, however, don’t be dripping in designer labels. It seems that’s a turn off for 
airline workers ...

Given that it usually takes me weeks to pack one suitcase, putting things in and then 
taking them out before putting them back in “just in case” I don’t know how I’m also going to find the time to plan my 
airport wardrobe!

But if I’m wanting to join the world of those who have the money to travel first class and enjoy extra leg room, free champagne and gourmet food, then perhaps I’d better start putting a bit of thought into it.