Kate Livingstone: Crumbs - what a fuss over cake!

Was I the only one to be a little surprised that Meghan and her prince are having an '¨organic lemon elderflower wedding cake?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th March 2018, 3:25 pm
Updated Friday, 30th March 2018, 3:28 pm

Firstly, my surprise was the fact that this made headlines, then after a little 
pondering I had to admit that, well I don’t quite see that 
being Harry’s cake of choice!

Much more a traditional fruit cake man if you ask me or even a delicious chocolate cake. All that would harken back to his boarding school days – if my memory of Enid Blyton books serves me right.

But it seems he is happy to go along with his American sweetheart and have something prepared by a Californian pastry chef.

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To be covered in buttercream and fresh Spring flowers I’m sure it will look beautiful but it’s not quite traditional is it?

Meghan Markle’s appeal has been that she doesn’t 
conform to the conventional idea of the wife-to-be of a British prince. However, I’m just a teeny bit concerned that she is trying to mould him into an American’s idea of a British prince.

She has supposedly got him to quit smoking – good for her, and also urged him to cut down on his drinking, as well as encouraging him to get leaner in the belief that he needs to be fitter and healthier to provide another great-grandchild for Her Majesty!

I don’t like to cast a shadow over the wedding plans but perhaps could I just offer Meghan a few words of advice.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a woman of the world, but I have been around the block a few times and Meghan honey you maybe think you can change him and in this heady ‘in love’ phase I’m sure that he will be like an exuberant puppy trying to please.

But give it a few years (if you’re lucky) then he’ll probably slip back into his old ways – spending time drinking and smoking with the boys and no matter how much you encourage him to eat lentils and veggies, he’ll be scoffing whatever the Kensington equivalent of a Gregg’s sausage roll is!

We’ve all been there Meghan and thought we could change them but the majority of us have found out that you either put up with it or get out ...

Hopefully, for you it will be the former – I think the tiaras and limelight will help you put up with royal life even if you find life as a princess not quite the fairytale you once envisaged.

And my final note of caution – don’t think about keeping a tier of the wedding cake for the christening. However, quickly it’s needed, I think you may find the Spring flowers wilted and icing ‘off’.