Kate Livingstone: Cleaning has never been so trendy

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My mother has finally become trendy. Yes, that’s right, the 87-year-old matriarch of our family is finally ‘cool’ – and her grandchildren think it is hilarious.

Before you all get the vapours, don’t worry she isn’t running about in a pair of Converse or Uggs, and she’s not decided to have a tattoo or piercing (although don’t give her any ideas!).

But rather it seems that a little bottle of disinfectant is making her a trendy great-grandmother.

For those of you who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about you obviously don’t know anything about Mrs Hinch.

Well join the club because neither did I till a few days ago.

However, it seems the female, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe, has become an online sensation after sharing videos of herself cleaning her Essex home.

Yes it would be Essex wouldn’t it. The place where they turned a bunch of wannabes into TV stars, all for drinking champagne and getting fake tans.

I digress. It appears that Mrs Hinch’s videos show her giving advice on how to keep your home pristine.

Of course, it would help if you have no kids, a stunning home which all appears to be white – and you are drop-dead gorgeous.

But it seems people cannot get enough of her advice. Or her delight in her streak-clean sink ...

The products she swears by for her cleaning routine (which lasts at least 30 minutes every day) are nearly all, in fairness to her, around £1 and on sale in most supermarkets or bargain stores.

Well they were until the ‘Hinch Army’ decided if they worked for her they wanted to try them.

It seems many of the items are now sold out which is where trendy gran came in.

Emma and I had popped in for a visit and to put some of mum’s shopping away when I heard a cry from the kitchen.

“Mum did you know gran uses Zoflora?” she said, as she appeared from under the sink with a tiny bottle of disinfectant.

“She’s used it for years,” I replied.

“Mrs Hinch says its the best thing ever. I was trying too get some but it was sold out everywhere.”

“Oh I’ve got lots of it in the cupboard,” said her gran, “go and get a bottle.”

Which is why she now thinks her grandmother is generous – and on trend.