Kate Livingston: Solo cinema trip is well worth a repeat

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I wouldn’t call myself a feminist but I’m certainly not the the type of person who believes a man is an essential a piece of a woman’s apparel as a pair of shoes or a handbag.

After all, I’m perfectly capable of changing a light bulb or wiring a plug and, if something more technical is required, I’m more than happy to get a man – or woman - in to do it for me.

The two hours flew by and I vowed that I wouldn’t leave it so long before I went back

But I must admit that the one time I could do with a bit of companionship is when I go to the cinema.

It’s not that this is a regular occurence, if fact I think the last time I went was when some of the younger girls at work persuaded me, against my better judgement I might add, to join them in a night out to see Fifty Shades of Grey. While the pre-cinema cocktails eased my discomfort a bit, let’s just say it’s not an experience I’d like to repeat in a hurry.

Usually, if there’s film I want to see I’ll rope in one of my friends and I’m even quite happy to go along with the grandchildren as long as it’s something with a nice story to it. My grandson once tried to drag me along to the latest Star Wars episode but I’ve suffered through enough of these films during my childminding sessions to know to give that one a bodyswerve.

Anyway this time around there were no willing companions after I’d rather sheepishly revealed to them that the movie I wanted to see was the remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Now I know it’s probably aimed at someone a lot younger than me (although I’d argue that no one is ever too old for Disney!) but I loved the orginal caroon version and can still hear the soundtrack in my head, so I was determined to see what the updated version was like.

In the end, I headed to Cineworld on my own, feeling almost as uncomfortable as a I do whenever I am eating alone in a restaurant.

I bought my ticket, avoided the pick ‘n’ mix - neither my purse nor my expanding waistline could afford it - and headed into the cinema.

To my surprise, the place was almost deserted so I plonked myself on a seat right in the middle, kicked off my shoes and settled down with my bunch of grapes (that waistline won’t disappear by itself).

And do you know what? I had a fantastic time!

The two hours flew by and I vowed that I wouldn’t leave it so long before I went back. In fact, there were a couple of trailers that caught my eye.

But don’t expect an invitation, I’ve decided that a but of ‘me time’ is exactly what I need!